• 4A molecular sieve & 13X molecular sieve

    4A molecular sieve chemical formula: Na₂O·Al₂O₃·2SiO₂·4.5H₂O ₃ The working principle of molecular sieve is mainly related to the pore size of molecular sieve, which can adsorb gas molecules whose molecular diameter is smaller than the pore size, and the larger the pore size, the larger the adsorp...
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  • 5 Creative Uses for Orange Silica Gel

    When you think of silica gel, the small packets found in shoeboxes and electronics packaging probably come to mind. But did you know that silica gel comes in a variety of colors, including orange? Orange silica gel is not only great at absorbing moisture, but it also has several other surprising ...
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  • Activated alumina

    A breakthrough in defluoridation technology has been achieved with the development of a novel acid modified alumina adsorbent. This new adsorbent has shown enhanced defluoridation properties in ground and surface water, which is crucial in addressing the hazardous levels of fluoride contamination...
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  • indicator silica gel blue

    indicator silica gel blue

    Introducing the new and innovative product, silica gel blue! This amazing drying agent has been used for years to protect goods from moisture damage, and now it’s available in a vibrant blue color that makes it even more effective and appealing. Silica gel blue is a highly porous form of si...
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  • activated alumina

    Introducing our revolutionary new product: activated aluminum. This innovative material is set to change the way we think about aluminum and its uses in a wide range of industries. Activated aluminum is a specially treated form of aluminum that has been engineered to have enhanced chemical react...
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  • 3A molecular sieve

    3A molecular sieve is an alkali metal aluminate, sometimes it is also called 3A zeolite molecular sieve. English name: 3A Molecular Sieve Silica / aluminum ratio: SiO2/ Al2O3≈2 Effective pore size: about 3A (1A = 0.1nm) The working principle of molecular sieve is mainly related to the por...
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  • New year, new AOGE

    AOGE Chemical, a leading company of adsorbent and catalyst carrier, continues to dominate the industry with their high-quality products and exceptional customer service. As a prominent player in the chemical industry, AOGE Chemical offers a wide range of products including Activated Alumina, Mole...
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  • Development direction of activated alumina

    Development direction of activated alumina

    In an exciting new development, researchers have successfully activated aluminum, opening up a world of possibilities for its use in various industries. The breakthrough, reported in a recent study published in the journal Nature, has the potential to revolutionize the way aluminum is utilized in...
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