• Red silica gel

    Red silica gel

    This product is spherical or irregular shaped particles. It appears purple red or orange red with moisture. Its main composition is silicon dioxide and color changes with different humidity. Besides the performance like blue silica gel, it has no cobalt chloride and is non-toxic, harmless.

  • Alumino silica gel–AN

    Alumino silica gel–AN

    The appearance of aluminum silica gel is silightly yellow or white transparent with chemical molecular formula mSiO2 • nAl2O3.xH2O. Stable chemical propertities. Non combustion, insoluble in any solvent except strong base and hydrofluoric acid. Compared with fine porous silica gel, the adsorption capacity of low humidity is similar (such as RH = 10%, RH = 20%), but the adsorption capacity of high humidity (such as RH = 80%,   RH = 90%) is 6-10% higher than that of the fine porous silica gel, and the thermal stability (350℃) is 150 ℃ higher than fine porous silica gel.   So it is very suitable to be used as the variable temperature adsorption and separation agent.

  • Alumino silica gel –AW

    Alumino silica gel –AW

    This product is a kind of fine porous water resistant alumino silica gel. It is generally used as the protective layer of fine porous silica gel and fine porous aluminum silica gel. It can be used alone in the case of high content of free water (liquid water). If the operating system conatains liquid water, low dew point can be achieved with this product.

  • Small bag of desiccant

    Small bag of desiccant

    Silica gel desiccant is a kind of odorless,tasteless,non-toxic,high activity absorption material with strong adsorption capacity.It has a stable chemical property and never reacts with any substances except the Alkai and Hydrofluoric acid,safe to be used with foods and pharmaceuticals.Silica gel descicant whisks away moisture to create aprotercyive environment of dryair for safe storage. These silica gel bags come in a full range of sizes from 1g to 1000g – so as to offer you optimal performance.

  • ulfur Recovery Catalyst AG-300

    ulfur Recovery Catalyst AG-300

    LS-300 is a kind of sulfur recovery catalyst with large specific area and high Claus activity. Its performances stand at international advanced level.

  • TiO2 Based Sulfur Recovery Catalyst LS-901

    TiO2 Based Sulfur Recovery Catalyst LS-901

    LS-901 is a new kind of TiO2 based catalyst with special additives for sulfur recovery. Its comprehensive performances and technical indexes have reached world advanced level, and it’s in the leading position in domestic industry.

  • ZSM-5 Series Shape-selective Zeolites

    ZSM-5 Series Shape-selective Zeolites

    ZSM-5 zeolite could be used for petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry and other fields because of its special three-dimensional cross straight pore canal, special shape-selective crackability, isomerization and aromatization ability. Presently, they can be applied to the FCC catalyst or additives that can improve the gasoline octane number, hydro/aonhydro dewaxing catalysts and the unit process xylene isomerization, toluene disproportionation and alkylation. The gasoline octane number can be enhanced and the olefin content can be also increased if the zeolites are added to the FCC catalyst in the FBR-FCC reaction. In our company, the ZSM-5 serial shape-selective zeolites have different silica-alumina ratio, from 25 to 500. The particle distribution can be adjusted according to the clients’ requirements. The isomerization ability and activity stability can be changed when the acidity is adjusted by changing the silica-alumina ratio according to your requirements.

  • Activated Molecular Sieve Powder

    Activated Molecular Sieve Powder

    Activated Molecular Sieve Powder is dehydrated synthetic powder molecular sieve. With the character of high dispersibility and rapid adsorbability, it is used in some special adsorbability, it is used in some special adsorptive circumstances, such as being formless desiccant, being adsorbent mixed with other materials etc.
    It can remove water eliminate bubbles, increase uniformity and strength when being additive or base in paint, resin and some adhesives. It can also be used as desiccant in insulating glass rubber spacer.

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